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Get Real: Bringing the Humanity Back to Digital Marketing

Sunny Dublick

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AI. Metrics. Automations. Remarketing.

Does it sometimes feel like we’re all marketing to robots? While everyone’s eyes are on the Metaverse, Web 3.0 & Chat GPT- we are missing the MOST crucial part of the puzzle: the actual humans who buy from us. With so many advances in technology we are able to accomplish more than ever- but at what cost? Are we marketing more effectively? Or just marketing more? And most importantly- is it even working?

The average human gets around 4,000 marketing messages, every. damn. day. We HAVE to cut out most of the marketing clutter or we couldn’t function. This presentation is focused on how we marry the technological capabilities we have at our disposal with what our customers actually want. It answers the question of how we cut through the millions of messages our customers are getting to influence action and build sustainable relationships.

Part brand strategy, part customer insights & marketing research this is for anyone asking if there’s a better way to connect with their audience.

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Funnel Fundamentals – 5 Ways To Optimize Your Conversion Funnel

Deborah OMalley

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In this highly practical, hands-on presentation, you’ll understand what a conversion funnel is and learn the top five ways to optimize your funnel with real-life A/B test case study examples driven by deep analytics insights and data. You’ll come away a more informed conversion expert able to extract data to pinpoint the leaks in your conversion funnel and know exactly what measures to take to plug those holes so more browsers become buyers and more people become prospects.

3 Ways to Finding Your Breakthrough Use Case for AI

Arvell Craig

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Many companies understand the potential of AI but fail to apply it with significant results. So how do you identify the most relevant use cases for your business? How do you quickly cut through the clutter and fads and find a substantial ROI?

In this session, Arvell Craig will guide you through a detailed framework to help you uncovering your breakthrough use case.

Evolutionary Marketing to Accelerate Conversions

Carmen Williams

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Attend this presentation and learn about the evolutionary marketing approach, a new way of thinking and managing adaptive marketing environments for growth. This is based on the science of evolution and understanding the rules/fundamentals that enable accelerating conversions and growth. The evolutionary approach is comprised of four key components; (1) ethics with a focus on the greater good, (2) emotional connection for deeper complementation, (3) conceptual thinking for adding value to the relationship and environment, and finally, incorporating the (4) adaptive- test, measure, reflect and adapt process for optimization. Carmen will share some results of incorporating the evolutionary approach.

Generative AI for High-intent Organic Traffic that Converts

Dale Bertrand

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Let’s be honest. Organic traffic growth doesn’t always lead to growth in website conversions. Yet, your SEO strategy revolves around optimizing content for rankings. What if you built your SEO content with conversion in mind from the beginning? You’d generate more organic traffic that actually converts into revenue!

Join 20-year search marketing veteran, Dale Bertrand, as he unveils his framework for developing SEO content with conversion in mind every step of the way ‒ from keyword strategy to content development and publication.

-Tactics and benchmarks for SEO content that converts in 2023
-Page layouts and content formats that convert organic traffic
-Crafting keyword strategy and calls-to-action for conversion

Reputation Management — How to Increase Your Trust Online

Duane Sprague

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Learn how the Conversion Path will compound your growth rate and dramatically improve your traffic by up to 8,745% and your conversion rate by up to 272% when you improve your reputation from search to checkout.

How and where you appear in search dramatically affects your site traffic, while the right application of behavioral design principles on your site directly affects your conversion rate.

Using case studies and extensive research, you will see how to improve both your search visibility and conversion rate at the same time.

You will also receive a complimentary copy of the 228-page, full-color book Reputation King, and the Strategy Guide.

Don’t Believe The Hype – AI Is Not the Only Answer

Kelly Koeppel

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Ok, ok, we know what you’re thinking – this woman is nuts. Kelly is not here to bash AI, as a matter of fact she loves it. AI is a powerful tool and you should be using it if you’re not. But as quickly as AI has come on, we’ve seen Google struggle to adjust their algorithm. So how are you going to respond when it’s estimated that currently 70% of the internet is now AI content and Google is still floundering?

What we are seeing is a return to the foundations of digital marketing. If your digital presence is creating great content and includes all of the appropriate brand signals, then you may be competitively positioned in this new SEO landscape. Kelly will discuss a brief history of SEO over the past 5-10 years & how companies have been able to rig the search landscape. She’ll talk about current developments in AI & how that’s impacting search. From there Kelly will talk through the foundations of a solid digital presence and how to leverage all of your brand signals to create a complete and trusted site that Google is more likely to rank.

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How to Write Copy Your Audience Will Love

Moni Oloyede

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Most marketing messages, content and advertising goes unnoticed. Why? Be it’s uninteresting or not relevant to the audience. It’s because the marketer doesn’t know the audience well enough or can’t identify or tap into the emotion that would drive the audience to act. In this presentation, learn how to craft copy that resonates by learning how to identify the emotional drivers of your audience.

Conversations That Convert

Parker Mayes

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Conversations That Convert walks through the keys to sales messaging and conversations that convert prospects into customers. These conversations will have your prospect feeling heard and valued, allowing you to make genuine recommendations to help them and their business.

This session will cover:

– The importance of a strategic approach to sales conversations and how to use genuine interest to uncover pain points and challenges you can help solve
– How to take those answers and help guide your prospects through the buying prospect as the expert to help solve their challenges
– Strategies for proving your value to the prospect without chasing them, ensuring your effort goes toward leads who’s needs are aligned with your offerings

The goal of this session is to help attendees authentically connect with their prospects, understand their needs, and effectively communicate how you can support the prospects goals.

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