SPEAK AT Conversion Conference 2024

June 6-7, 2024 | Sheraton Phoenix Downtown, AZ

The 2024 Call for Speakers is open!

Conversion Conference 2024 takes place live at the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown, AZ,  June 6-7, 2024.

Speaker proposal deadline: December 22, 2023
Chosen speakers will be notified by: February 1, 2024

Innovate, Impact, Inspire: Charting the Course of Digital Marketing Mastery

Are you pioneering the next wave of digital marketing strategies? Do you have a wealth of knowledge on driving performance in agencies, technology platforms, or within your own company? We’re calling on you to step forward and share your expertise!

The Conversion Conference 2024 is the premier event for digital marketing leaders from agencies, technology vendors, and end-user companies who are set on achieving peak performance in lead generation, subscription sales, and eCommerce revenue.

Our Audience: Join a select group of dedicated professionals – digital marketing managers, directors, and executives – all driven to find the most effective strategies to excel in their companies. They represent a cross-section of the industry, from forward-thinking end-user companies to dynamic agencies and innovative technology vendors.

What We’re Looking For: We are specifically looking for submissions from:

End-User Company Visionaries: Share the in-house strategies that have transformed your digital marketing and led to measurable success in your organization.
Technology Innovators: Demonstrate how your solutions are revolutionizing marketing efforts, from analytics to automation, and how they can be leveraged for maximum impact.
Agency Leaders: Showcase your client success stories, creative campaign strategies, and the cutting-edge tools that give your clients the edge in digital marketing.

We welcome presentations and case studies that offer actionable insights on topics such as:

• Future Trends in Conversion Optimization and Preparing for Them
• Innovative Technologies Shaping the Future of CRO
• Implementing AI for Personalized Marketing at Scale
• Balancing Personalization and Privacy in Digital Marketing
• Budgeting and Resource Allocation for CRO Initiatives
• Developing a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Conversion Rates
• Progressive Lead Generation Methods
• Conversion Rate Optimization for Subscriptions and Sales
• Revenue-Boosting Tactics in eCommerce
• Advanced Analytics for Strategic Marketing Decisions
• Integrating CRO into Multichannel Marketing Strategies
• CRO in the Context of Customer Lifetime Value Enhancement
• Managing Outsourced vs. In-House CRO Efforts
• Benchmarking and KPI Setting for CRO Success
• Scaling CRO Strategies Across Different Markets and Cultures
• Aligning CRO with Brand Strategy for Consistent Messaging
• Risk Management and Mitigation in CRO Projects
• Evaluating and Reporting on CRO Performance to Stakeholders

Submission Guidelines:
• Presentation title
• Summary of your talk (150 words max)
• The top three takeaways for our audience
• A brief bio outlining your experience and expertise

Why Speak at Conversion Conference 2024?
• Position yourself as a thought leader in front of top-tier marketing professionals.
• Elevate your company’s profile within the digital marketing community.
• Build valuable connections with industry peers, potential clients, and partners.
• Gain insights into the latest trends and strategies from other market leaders.

Be at the heart of the conversation that shapes the future of digital marketing. Share your vision, connect with industry leaders, and drive the dialogue that will propel marketing innovation.

Propose your talk today.

Don’t miss the chance to make an impact.

Submit Now!

Speaker Benefits

  • Exposure on the event website, including biography and photo
  • Special Speaker Welcome Reception
  • Inclusion in pre-event marketing materials, emails and program guide
  • Opportunity to publish content on the Conversion Conference blog
  • Full conference access, exclusive Speaker Ready Room, and access to a discounted guest pass
  • Discount code to share with customers, prospects and colleagues
  • Marketing and promotional assets (speakers will be provided html email files, social media updates and other pre-event marketing support)
  • Networking/business development opportunities with attendees
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