Amplify your Brand with AI - Transform Visitors into Loyal Customers Through Innovative Strategies


June 20, 2023


3:30 pm


Summerlin B


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is critical to unlocking your brand’s full potential by increasing the likelihood of site visitors taking desired actions. To achieve this, e-commerce brands must adopt a comprehensive approach to CRO that encompasses all vital touchpoints along the customer journey. In this session, Ashley will delve deeper into the core concepts of CRO, moving beyond basic A/B tests for landing pages.
Ashley will discuss advanced strategies, such as implementing AI-powered on-site displays to boost first-time conversions, optimizing websites for a seamless conversion funnel, and employing robust email and SMS marketing techniques that leverage AI to promote repeat purchases and cultivate brand loyalty. Attendees will leave this session confident to make incremental adjustments to their marketing strategies and enhance conversion rates across all channels.
Additionally, Ashley will explore integrating AI features into email and SMS platforms, which can significantly elevate campaign conversion rates. Examples include Klaviyo’s Subject Line Assistant and AI-Powered SMS Assistant, which have proven highly effective. Ashley will also share her experiences using ChatGPT to generate more conversion-friendly copy, resulting in positive brand outcomes.

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