Elmer Boutin

Conversion Optimization From the SEO Perspective


June 21, 2022


4:15 pm


Octavius 7/8


Have you considered that what’s good for SEO is often good for conversions? We all know that nothing happens in a vacuum, yet many marketers don’t consider starting their conversion optimization work where the customer often starts their journey: in search. In this session, Elmer will help you better understand the factors that positively affect ranking and traffic and help with conversions including earning attention through a human-centered, data-driven approach to content. Next, the focus is on eliminating those things that cause a sub-par user experience and friction once the visitor gets to the site … those things that the search engines also look at when evaluating a website for ranking in search. Once you have a better understanding of these things, your other on-site conversion optimization efforts will be more effective making for bigger wins overall for you and your business or clients.

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