Decoding Your Customers' Journey for Better Conversion Rates


June 2, 2020


10:00 am


Most buyers are already 57% of the way through the buying process before the first meeting with a representative. (Accenture, 2018) 

Understanding our customers’ journey has always been a moving target for marketers and business owners, but is core to a winning marketing strategy.

Marketers are constantly testing colorful buttons, pop-ups, and other eye-catching tactics to see what will move the needle for users, but they fail to observe the key pieces of information users are leaving behind in their journey data.

Attend this session and you’ll leave with a multitude of new tactics to take back with you for inspiring new content and gaining a better understanding of the true value your website’s content creates.

During this session, you will learn how to: 

  • Build clearer engagement paths your website users will understand (two case studies)
  • Measure how influential your specific website content is by connecting content consumption to conversion rates (go beyond page views and traffic)
  • Analyze the “voice” of your customers through form analysis techniques for new content & keyword ideas that will ignite your content calendarThis method of analyzing customer journeys will give any marketing team, agency, or business owner new tactics to take back with them to inspire new content creation and a better understanding of the value their content creates.

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