Kelly Koeppel

Don't Believe The Hype - AI Is Not the Only Answer


June 7, 2024


1:35 pm



Ok, ok, we know what you’re thinking – this woman is nuts. Kelly is not here to bash AI, as a matter of fact she loves it. AI is a powerful tool and you should be using it if you’re not. But as quickly as AI has come on, we’ve seen Google struggle to adjust their algorithm. So how are you going to respond when it’s estimated that currently 70% of the internet is now AI content and Google is still floundering?

What we are seeing is a return to the foundations of digital marketing. If your digital presence is creating great content and includes all of the appropriate brand signals, then you may be competitively positioned in this new SEO landscape. Kelly will discuss a brief history of SEO over the past 5-10 years & how companies have been able to rig the search landscape. She’ll talk about current developments in AI & how that’s impacting search. From there Kelly will talk through the foundations of a solid digital presence and how to leverage all of your brand signals to create a complete and trusted site that Google is more likely to rank.

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