Sunny Dublick

Get Real: Bringing the Humanity Back to Digital Marketing


June 6, 2024


2:20 pm



AI. Metrics. Automations. Remarketing.

Does it sometimes feel like we’re all marketing to robots? While everyone’s eyes are on the Metaverse, Web 3.0 & Chat GPT- we are missing the MOST crucial part of the puzzle: the actual humans who buy from us. With so many advances in technology we are able to accomplish more than ever- but at what cost? Are we marketing more effectively? Or just marketing more? And most importantly- is it even working?

The average human gets around 4,000 marketing messages, every. damn. day. We HAVE to cut out most of the marketing clutter or we couldn’t function. This presentation is focused on how we marry the technological capabilities we have at our disposal with what our customers actually want. It answers the question of how we cut through the millions of messages our customers are getting to influence action and build sustainable relationships.

Part brand strategy, part customer insights & marketing research this is for anyone asking if there’s a better way to connect with their audience.

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