Guy Yalif

Going Beyond A/B Testing - Ensure no ad spend is wasted by personalizing every web experience


June 21, 2022


2:00 pm


After investing so much time and money personalizing the experience in our ads, emails, and other acquisition efforts, too often we show all of our prospects the same experience on our website… the place where the prospect converts into a customer and revenue.

A single strategy, no matter how refined and researched, cannot appeal to all of your website visitors. Performance marketers have historically turned to A/B testing to identify the single best page for all visitors. While A/B testing has helped marketers make data-driven decisions, trying to find the single “one size fits all” best page to show all of your visitors leaves money on the table and can waste time and effort.
Driving revenue and conversions by meeting every prospect where they are in their journey with you is possible with new approaches enabled by machine learning. We can and should deliver the right experiences for each unique visitor on our websites, just like we do in our ads today.

In this presentation, Intellimize CEO Guy Yalif will reveal the differences between one-size-fits-all A/B testing approaches and personalizing for each unique visitor and how to practically apply them. He will also share practical examples of tests you can run back in the office on Monday morning to help accelerate your conversion rate optimization approach.

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