How to Think Like your Customer When They’re Not Even in the Room


June 21, 2023


1:35 pm


Summerlin B


Your goal is to delight the customer.  But who told you what the customer wants?  If you actually get to interact with your customers, they often want the world on a silver platter with a giant EASY button!  And that story is completely different from what marketing is promoting or what the technology team is saying is feasible.  So how do you “think like the customer” in a way that drives viable solutions?

You get a toolbox full of creative (and fun!) techniques that help you think like your customer when they’re not in the room.  Approaches and checklists and things you can immediately apply are all the tricks that Jamie has up her sleeves for you to put your customer at the center of your discussions.  Come learn and engage and even get some practice with techniques that will help you ask the hard questions, support your team with “What if” scenarios, and walk through the entire customer journey so that they become part of the solution and not simply the consumer of a product.  Walk away with practical actions and methods to put y

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