William Leake

Integrating Search, Display and Email for the Trifecta CRO Win


June 21, 2022


11:20 am


Octavius 7/8


Apart from relatively low-dollar DTC (direct to consumer) purchases, most conversion cycles involve multiple steps, and in many cases, multiple people.  When dealing with a more complex customer journey with multiple touch points along the path, overly focusing on just one step of the funnel results in distortions and sub-optimality ripples up and down the chain. We’ll cover several examples of how to properly look at and conduct full-journey optimization, across multiple traffic sources and touch points, including email, display, paid search, seo, and even affiliates.  Attendees will obtain several immediately actionable walk-aways, as well as a checklist / flowchart to help determine what’s immediately most important in terms of focus.

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