Josh Cuttill

Jurassic CRO: How to Survive in a Cookieless World


June 21, 2022


11:20 am


Octavius 5/6


In the iconic movie, Jurassic Park, splicing dinosaur and frog DNA led to dinosaurs reproducing in modern times. The ensuing chaos and destruction demonstrate what can happen when you don’t properly manage for the gaps in your knowledge. The upcoming cookieless world will force similar gaps in our data and understanding of our users. Without data, CRO testing is just guessing. If not prepared in advance for these changes, marketers will be left to make assumptions about their users and traffic, resulting in potentially Jurassic-level consequences for their business.

This presentation will answer:

  • How will the impending cookieless world impact data collection?
  • Is CRO even possible without cookies?
  • What can we do now to prepare for the upcoming cookieless world?
  • How does our user engagement strategy change in order to survive in this new era

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