Personalization: The Proof is in the ... Pilot Program


June 2, 2020


1:35 pm


For B2B and B2C organizations, customer success is now being defined by how personalized content is for a user’s wants and needs. Think about it – more than 70% of customers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized for them specifically and that is preventing them from converting. Yet while we know the importance and power of personalization, organizations are struggling to get started and scale efforts over time.

This session will focus on how to pilot personalization within your organization to demonstrate personalization’s impact on the path to purchase. Topics discussed will include specific tactics to measure the performance of existing content, how to put together a personalization plan, how to measure personalization’s impact on conversions and ultimately how to develop a process where you deliver content to different personas that improve the way visitors interact and engage. 

Using real-life examples from work done with clients such as Ecolab, this session will also highlight how to conduct persona-based content measurement and leverage data to make smart investments in growing a personalization practice to drive business growth.

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