Smash The Funnel - A Innovative Customer Buyer Journey Model


June 3, 2020


11:00 am


The traditional funnel, where contacts come into the top and new customers pop out of the bottom is done. The web empowered buyers to kill it and in this session, we’re smashing it to pieces, to show you the new buyer journey and how marketing and sales needs to be executed in a more prospect centric way. Today you must deliver a seamless, highly orchestrated and remarkable experience if you want your best prospects to choose your products or services. This new thinking is the ONLY way to ensure you hit your revenue numbers in 2020 and beyond. 

Attendees will learn:
 The new buyer journey is not linear, but a series of cyclones, learn how to help prospect navigate through the chaos.
Marketing and sales need to strategically influence, guide and advise prospects through these cycles with a new set of tools and tactics – we’ll show you how to do that.

 In this highly complex environment, we’ll show you the new metrics you want to track and how to impact those metrics daily, weekly and monthly.
There are more tactics, techniques and execution options to drive improvements in marketing and sales than ever before, we’ll help you figure out which tactics to use and when to use them.
With over 7,000 marketing and sales technologies, attendees will learn how to decide which ones they want to invest in and how to deploy these tools to drive revenue.

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