Brian Lewis

The 6 Pillars Of UX – Nail These & Skyrocket Conversion Rates


June 20, 2023


4:15 pm


Looking for that magic formula to really make a positive difference with your conversion rates? Well, there’s nothing magical about it. Through our extensive testing over the last 16 years, we’ve identified 6 core UX components that drive conversion. It doesn’t matter whether you have an eCommerce, lead generation or informational site. Come to my session and you’ll leave with the ultimate 6-point checklist to use to delight your web visitors, improve engagement and dramatically improve conversion.

But wait, there’s more … in my session you’ll also learn:

  • When To Never Use a Landing Page – you may be guilty of this one
  • Tips on using Quantitative and Qualitative Research to Win More Customers – finally, take the guesswork out of your process
  • How (and why) subtle Persuasion Tactics beat forcefulness … every time
  • Real-life Examples of Winning Tests – eCommerce & lead generation case studies

You’ll also hear about current and upcoming opportunities to improve UX through the use of AI tools and data that can tailor more one-to-one targeted offers, create more effective audience segmentation and even analyze and recommend creative direction most likely to boost conversion.

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