The Power of Building Engagement Through Visual Content


June 21, 2023


11:20 am


Summerlin B


How can you get your message out in a world where media and video content are so pervasive? Engage your company’s target audience through visual material. Humans are hardwired for stories. For centuries, stories have been used to entertain, educate, and engage audiences—while ensuring those involved retain every detail. 1SEO Digital Agency’s CEO, CJ Bachmann, has extensive experience developing effective marketing strategies that use these visual aids to increase business’ revenue and conversions.

Through the advertising art of storytelling, CJ will show you:

  • The kind of content that has been shown to increase online sales
  • Why pairing strong visuals with an engaging story can create content that is both memorable and impactful
  • How to create a powerful call-to-action strategy with video and images
  • Why video is an extremely cost-effective marketing tool
  • How to implement high-quality video content that can be used across multiple advertising channels

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