Traffic That Converts


June 21, 2022


11:20 am


Traffic sources filled with people who look, sound, and act like your best customer that converts on your site are those high value traffic sites that will deliver more like them. How do you identify those sources? How do you nurture those sources? It’s true that not all traffic is equal and finding where your ideal customer spends time and how they make decisions and the experiences they need in their decision journey and customer journey are all areas that you need to become an expert on your customer.

In this session, we’ll focus on:

  • Best practices in understanding your target audience and best customers
  • Determining the best customer experiences to nurture conversions
  • Analyzing trends on customer engagement and using that to identity best traffic sources and the best way to engage them online
  • And how to develop a process and system to improve that engagement and conversions to drive business growth

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