Nancy Harhut

Trigger the Customer Behavior You Want


June 2, 2020


8:15 am


Advances in neuroscience have uncovered the secrets to prompting people to take the actions we marketers want them to. We simply need to craft our messages to appeal to the hardwired way the brain makes decisions.

When we do, we dramatically increase the likelihood people will read and respond to our campaigns.

In this fast-paced, example jammed presentation, discover actionable tips to make your ads, emails, landing pages and other marcom more effective. See how to easily tap into the Von Restorff Effect, Eye Magnet Words, Availability Bias and several other behavioral science principles. And leave armed with powerful techniques you can use to get people to automatically do what you want them to!


  • Discover easy ways to make hardwired human behaviors work in your favor
  • See numerous examples of online creative that trigger automatic responses, prompting people to act with little to no thought
  • Find out how neuroscience tactics can increase your campaign’s recall, response and revenue 

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