Alison Harris

"What's in it for me?" Match Prospect Objective to Business Goals


June 21, 2022


2:20 pm


Octavius 5/6


QBRs focus on ROI, KPIs, and OKRs. Revenue goals are matched to ROAS and retention. Bouses and ESPP grants depend on how this alphabet soup plays out during earnings calls and annual reviews. Every year, quarter, month, and week marketing, sales, and customer success teams are held to growth goals that can appear insurmountable. Business objectives relentlessly chase the growth dragon and devour teams by demanding a constant stream of straw leads turned into golden deals. Over the past eight years, working with companies in the Fortune 100 and incubators, I’ve discovered you can tame the dragon and efficiently turn straw to gold without sacrificing your team. An annual discovery process, a few checklists, a couple of templates, and a meager bribe of pizza can revolutionize your lead to MQL, to SAL, to Won pipeline, and make QBRs much less stressful. Join me and I’ll share the process of achieving business objectives by taking care of your prospects.

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