Who is Marketing to Whom in the Metaverse? Consumer Versus Brand


June 21, 2022


2:20 pm


The idea that the metaverse will be creator-driven defines a lot of the differences between Web2 and Web3 – but where does this leave large brands, influencers and individual consumers?
How do brands transfer legacy IP authentically into Web3 activations, while pursuing their “real-world” business objectives? How do consumers who are not creators define themselves by the commercial choices they make in the metaverse?

We will look at:

  • Consumer trends in identity in the metaverse: how do PFPs (profile pictures), gender, and the laws of physics define who we are in the metaverse?
  • Brand extensions: what do Adidas and Bored Ape Yacht Club tell us about acquiring new customers?
  • NFTs and Your CRM: will non-fungible tokens become the ultimate, privacy-safe CRM opportunity for brands to connect with consumers?

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