June 5, 2024
1:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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Advanced Testing Techniques: What You Need To Know For Proper Testing – But Probably Don’t – 1/2 Day

Take your testing program to the next level with this specially designed workshop.

Here’s what you’ll cover:

  • Test Set-Up: Calculating Sample Size, MDE, and power to get a robust and trustworthy data set
  • Data-Driven Analysis: How to mine data in Google Analytics and Microsoft Clarity to spot “AHA” optimization insights
  • Smart Hypotheses: What it means to generate a smart hypothesis from the data — and how to do so
  • KPIs: What you need to know — and why they’re so important
  • The Best Best Practices You Need to Know: The top fail safe best practices and test ideas you should (almost) always try
  • Interpreting and Analyzing Your Test Data: How to know if you’ve truly achieved a statistically significant, trustworthy test result
  • Implementation Insights: Why implementation and continuous optimization is key — and how to achieve both

The workshop will be structured in a highly practical, tangible, and interactive way. Participants will be encouraged to use their own websites as examples and time will be given during the training for participants to immediately apply the principles just taught to examine, evaluate, and determine optimization ideas for their own site.

Your Instructor:

Deborah O’Malley is a top A/B testing influencer and leading women CRO specialist.She’s the founder of GuessTheTest, an experimentation resource dedicated to sharing A/B test case study knowledge and insights and runs the optimization agency, ConvertExperts, where she helps clients test and optimize their sites.A published author of six peer-reviewed journal articles, Deborah also teaches analytics at Queen’s University’s prestigious business school.When not out speaking about experimentation, Deborah can be found in the kitchen making homemade fudge or burning it off at the gym.

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