Donna Barkson

Storytelling in UX


June 21, 2022


3:30 pm


Octavius 5/6


Attendees will learn to take their user experience designs to the next level with Storytelling. Storytelling creates empathy, helps stakeholders understand problems and solutions, and makes serving the user or customer even easier!  In this session, attendees learn why stories resonate with people, why stories increase our feelings of compassion and empathy, and why stories help humans make sense out of chaos. Attendees will learn the essential elements common to all good stories.  Think conflict and resolution, colorful characters and a detailed backdrop.    Attendees will learn what to write about and when to tell your stories.  Knowing when to tell your story helps create and deliver winning experience designs.  

• Storytellers have more fun!
• Everybody loves a good story!

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